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Essential oil hand sanitizer spray recipe


Pretty much everyone in my life knows I have a pretty intense germ phobia, and that’s explaining it mildly. I’ve been known to sanitize everyone and everything around me and they’re kind enough to put up with it. Hand sanitizer has been quite the life saver for me over the years. I keep multiple bottles on me at all times and it has kept my anxiety at bay on more than one occasion, especially at doctor offices.

It can be expensive though since I have to buy so many bottles so I wanted to come up with a cheaper alternative that was all natural, no chemicals and alcohol free. The ingredients aren’t expensive and they will last a long time since you only use a few drops. Here’s the recipe!

35 drops lavender essential oil

35 drops tea tree essential oil

14 drops lemon essential oil

2 tbsp witch hazel

4 ounces purified or distilled water

glass spray bottle

Combine all ingredients in the glass bottle and shake each time before using. It’s that simple!

It isn’t drying to my hands and doesn’t irritate my eczema which is a plus since there isn’t any alcohol in it. If you need extra moisture, you can always add in a bit of glycerin or aloe vera.

I like the Now brand of essential oils for topical use but you can use any of your favorite brands.

I love using essential oils and will be sharing some more tips and recipes in the future with them. Do you use essential oils? What are some of your favorite uses and recipes? I’d love to hear!

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