Eggs- Cage free? Free Range? Organic?How To Choose


When trying to be a health conscious eater, it’s important to choose the most natural and least modified foods we can buy. Unfortunately, there are a lot of labels on our food that can make picking the right choice difficult.

I put together a quick guide so the next time you’re choosing eggs, you’ll know exactly what all those labels mean.

Cage Free– The animals were not put in cages. However, this does not mean they were free range or even set foot outdoors. They can still be confined in very close quarters inside a building where they are standing in their own waste and can barely move.

Free Range– The animals had access to the outdoors, but does not necessarily mean they ever went outside. The animals are still crammed into a warehouse that has a small door that opens to a few feet of outside space.

Vegetarian fed– Although this may sound like a good thing, it isn’t. They are raised on industrial feed including GMO grains and aren’t allowed outside.

Certified Organic– Animals had access to bedding and the outdoors, but its uncertain for how long. No hormones or antibiotics were used in their raising.

The best one to go for is- Pasture Raised/Grass Fed eggs– The hens are raised on a pasture as opposed to being confined and fed grains. They are able to roam freely where they can forage for their natural diet of seeds, plants, insects and worms. The eggs from pasture raised hens contain up to 20 times more omega 3 fats than factory hens.  

It’s always important to know what’s in our food and where it comes from so we can make the best choices for our health.


6 thoughts on “Eggs- Cage free? Free Range? Organic?How To Choose

  1. Wow how consumers are easily misinformed on such an important food item. Thanks for the brief yet informative summary.


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