Pamper Yourself- Fizzing Jasmine Bath Brew

Aroma Therapy

A warm bath can help tense muscles and improve your mental well-being. After a long day, a relaxing bath can be just the trick to help de-stress, plus the essential oils used in this recipe are great for anxiety, improved sleep, acne and pain relief.


3 tbsp baking soda

3 tbsp sea salt

2 tbsp citric acid granules or crushed vitamin c tablets

10 drops sweet orange oil

6 drops sandalwood oil

3 drops jasmine oil

Combine dry ingredients and then sprinkle the mix with essential oils. Add all the ingredients to a tub of very warm water, sit back and relax.

**A few tips**

You can add in your favorite skin-nourishing oil (jojoba, olive, etc) for even more skin softening benefits. Or you can use your own blend of your favorite essential oils.

For extra detoxifying benefits, you can dry brush before your bath to help stimulate lymph flow and increase the benefits of the bath.

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