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5 Steps To Creating A Healthy Lifestyle- Part One


Our bodies are inundated with large amounts of pollutants and chemicals everyday. Many of these toxins are not eliminated efficiently, and end up being stored in our tissues and organs. Repeated exposure to these poisons increase levels of toxicity and interfere with normal organ function which impedes our normal detox processes.

Toxins cause disease by irritating cells. They provoke changes in individual cells and in DNA structure. This means that healthy cell reproduction has been tampered with and as a result, all new cells that are created are abnormal. I have seen the devastating results of my toxic overload from Lyme, EBV, candida, parasites, heavy metals and other pathogens and toxins during my live blood cell analysis. You can literally see the healthy cells dying off and being replaced with unhealthy cells. Not good! This just leads to a weaker immune system, which is already compromised in my case, which allows to more disease to set in.

The toxicity of our bodies is also a result of the toxicity of our world. The Earth has become more polluted and so have our bodies. Look at all the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis, all the pollutants we breathe, the GMO’s in our food, all of which our bodies have to learn to filter.

By creating a healthy environment and detoxing, you give your body a fighting chance to come back into balance, get your immune system functioning properly again, and allow your cells to get back to a healthy state.

I wanted to give you 5 steps to creating a healthier environment so that we can all learn to live in a conscious manner, and create a life that is healthy and happy.

#1 Eat Organic Foods

Pesticides, herbicides, preservatives and other dangerous chemicals are the primary cause of toxicity for our bodies. This is where the good ol’ saying, “you are what you eat“, comes in handy. Our cells are created from the foods we take in. Be conscious of what you put in your body. Each time you eat, you are either building healthy cells or add adding to your toxic load.

We all carry residue from the pesticides and chemicals we’ve eaten in our fat tissues. Whether it was the hormones or antibiotics in your meat, or the fertilizer and pesticides on your fruits, veggies and grains, we’ve all been exposed. This doesn’t even include the colors, preservatives, flavors and other nasty stuff that companies add to food to make it “taste better”. Even the packaging our food comes in can be dangerous, like aluminum cans, BPA in plastic and polyvinyl chloride in plastic wrap. Every single one of these things ends up in our bodies.

So what can I do about it?

*Eat fresh and organic fruits and vegetables and wash with a natural vegetable wash (or grow your own veggies and herbs!)

*Avoid or limit processed foods- boxes, cans, etc.

*Avoid preservatives, flavors, colors, hydrogenated oils, BPA

*Eat organic free range meats, fish and eggs

*Avoid swordfish and shellfish (high amounts of mercury)

*Choose organic grains, beans, dairy (if you eat it) and other items you eat a lot of

Listen to your body, become attuned to its needs. Make a habit of checking in with yourself to see what nourishment it needs. You will fluctuate from day to day depending on your activities, the season, and variations in hormones and other processes. Some days I find my needs for protein are higher, and other days I crave a lot of vegetables.

Next time I’ll discuss the next step we can take to create a healthier lifestyle!

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