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5 Steps To Creating A Healthy Lifestyle- Part Three

Today is part three of the five things we can do to live a healthier lifestyle. I previously talked about the importance of eating an organic diet and drinking lots of clean water. Now onto the next step!

#3 Exercise For Detoxification

Exercise is an important part of a healthy living program. It increases circulation and brings nutrients and oxygen to cells while carrying away the toxins. It also stimulates the movement of lymphatic fluid through muscle contractions.

Walking, bicycling, swimming, yoga, and muscle training are all excellent exercises for the body. It’s important to cultivate the habit of moving as much as possible throughout the day. Our bodies were designed to move, not sit in front of a computer at a desk for 8 hours and then come home and sit in front of the tv until you go to sleep.

Our bodies crave movement and will become sluggish without it. Exercise will help our digestion and intestinal function, enhances immunity, keeps muscles toned and bones strong, improves our mental function, and relieves stress and anxiety.

Regular exercise will help ensure a long and healthy life. 30 minutes a day is the optimum amount of exercise. If you can’t do it all in one session, then break it up into little 5 or 10 minute bursts throughout the day. Go on a quick walk or do a few stretches. You’ll notice an immediate mood lift, clearer thinking and extra energy.

For those who may not have the physical ability to exercise whether that’s from chronic illness (like myself) or some other disability, we can all do small things to get our bodies to move. Some days I can only bring myself to sit on the couch and do light stretching very slowly, other days I have a little more energy to be able to walk around my backyard or around the house for a couple minutes. It all helps, no matter how little you are able to do. Anything that gets oxygen pumping through our bodies and our muscles moving will benefit us overall.

Give it a try, start slow and enjoy the benefits!

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