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Cure Everything With 10 Essential Oils


I love essential oils. They have so many uses- for our skin, our health, even cleaning our homes. It can be a little overwhelming with all the choices out there as to what oil to use for which ailment or issue. So I wanted to give you a few basic ones that we should all keep in our medicine cabinets at home. And if you want to read all about oils and how they are made and what their benefits are, go here!


Wintergreen- It has the same chemical properties as aspirin so it’s great as an alternative to all your OTC painkillers due to it’s anesthetic abilities. Put one drop behind your ears, or on your temples, neck or any other part of your body that needs pain relief. However, just like aspirin, it is possible to use too much so take it easy when using this oil.


Thyme- Thyme is the unsung superhero. If you feel a virus, cold or flu coming on, put a drop of thyme in a spoonful of honey and dissolve in your mouth. If you catch it early enough, it can stop most bugs.

Eucalyptus- It stimulates the central nervous system to open up your sinuses so if you didn’t use the thyme in time (haha! I have rhyming skills) to stop your illness, try some of this on your chest or in a diffuser. It’s just like Vick’s Vapo Rub without all the chemicals.

Clary Sage- If you’re feeling a little moody, on edge, and generally murderous, put a few drops of this hormone balancing oil into your body lotion or even in a cup of tea. Your peace of mind will thank you.

Citrus oils- Oils like bergamot, mandarin, neroli and sweet orange are all natural antidepressants. And they smell way better than a Xanax ever could and have been shown to be just as effective.



Rose- If you only want to use one thing on your skin, use rose. It’s super expensive but it is soothing and great for sensitive skin. You can use rose water as a toner or add some of the oil to your moisturizer or face mask. It’s a miracle worker. 

Frankincense- Everyone gets zits now and then. Use a drop or two of this oil to clear up scars and blemishes. It’s also anti-aging magic (reduces lines, adds elasticity) and costs a lot less than Botox.

Lavender- Lavender is super relaxing and great in a bath. But if you have irritated skin or acne, you want this balancing oil on your face. It tames combination skin plus it smells great.

Ylang Ylang- If you’re tired of oily skin and hair, use this oil. A few drops in your face cleanser or shampoo will reduce oil.

Jasmine- This one just smells ridiculously good. Add it to lotions, hair care products, and everything. It’s great for dry skin and hair and is a good treatment for eczema.

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