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Chlorophyll Detox Water


Chlorophyll water has been trendy for some time now in juice bars, yoga studios, spas and the like. But is there any truth behind the hydrating hype?

We all learned in science class that chlorophyll is the thing that makes plants green, absorbs light from the sun, and uses that energy to make their own food. Remember photosynthesis? Chlorophyll is found in dark green veggies and helps support a healthy life. But why are we now adding drops of this liquid to our water?

A lot of alternative medicine followers swear by it’s ability to remove heavy metals, flush out toxins and enhance energy. It also has an alkalizing effect on the body and eliminates bad body odor and could help block some cancer-causing chemicals.

I think any time we can add more greens to our diet, that’s always a good thing and there’s no toxic side effects to drinking it so why not! I could always use some extra help detoxing due to Lyme, and I’m all for anything that can give me some extra energy so I like to drink it as often as possible.

Liquid chlorophyll does not taste as swampy as it looks, and there are some brands that add peppermint to it to offset the “green” taste.


32 oz water

1 tsp liquid chlorophyll

Add ice before drinking

That’s it! It’s easy, refreshing and has great healthy benefits, what more could we ask for?

Try it for yourself and see if you feel a difference!

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