Essential Oil Wood Diffuser Necklace


I love my new essential oil diffuser necklace from DeBellaBoutique on Etsy! It is made of maple wood which works so well for diffusing oils since it can hold them for a very long time. Plus the oils turns the wood a slightly darker color which gives it such a rich, beautiful color. And don’t forget the engraving which is found on both sides of the necklace and says “Be Still & know that He is God”.

It’s cute right?!!  And it’s really good quality too!


There are some oils that I use daily and I love to have that scent hanging on a necklace so I can smell it all day long.  It’s especially good for those energizing oils!  There are also times when the bugs are so bad where I live that I cannot go anywhere without my Citronella oil or my Purification oil.

There’s lots of options out there for diffuser jewelry but I think you’d really like this one. It’s only $20 and the shipping was super fast and she has lots of other awesome stuff like home decor and other jewelry. So go check out her shop!

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