Drink This Tea To Make Your Allergies Go Away

Photo: Stocksy

I’ve always had pretty bad seasonal and environmental allergies, but this year has been killer. While I’ve dabbled in the world of over-the-counter allergy medications every blue moon, I prefer to veer to more natural remedies. A bit of research led to me nettle, which has been proven in multiple studies to reduce the symptoms of allergies.

Otherwise known as “that plant that attacks your legs when you try to go hiking,” nettle (or stinging nettle, as it’s affectionately known) is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse, allowing it to attack allergies at their root (i.e., inflammation) and letting you get on with your life.

The only problem? Nettle is grassy in flavor, and not in a pleasant way. I usually buy a tincture of nettle at a local health store but sometimes I want a hot cup of tea to drink while relaxing. I’m picky about my herbal teas so I had to find one that had nettle but didn’t taste like it had nettle in it. Welcome, The Republic of Tea’s Peppermint Vanilla Nettle blend. It has the subtle grass flavor that nettle is known for but the vanilla compliments it beautifully.

All it takes is about a cup or two a day and within a week, your allergies will be noticeably better. No more over the counter meds needed. When you steep any herbal tea, cover it while it steeps and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. This way, the volatile organic compounds that make the tea so powerful don’t escape in the form of steam.

Bottom line: Get thyself Peppermint Vanilla Nettle Tea.

And don’t forget that adding turmeric to your diet, avoiding dairy and taking probiotics are all great in the fight against allergies. While it’s not conclusive or shown to be a cure-all, having a healthy gut is important for overall wellness, so allergy season is a great time to make sure you’re on point with that.


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